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Masara Town | List of Towns and Cities | Tokiwa City
Pallet Town

Masara Town FrLg

マサラは まっしろ はじまりのいろ.
Anime Debut Episode 1
Generation Debut Generation I

Masara Town OverviewMap

Route 230 Route 2

Pallet Town (Japanese: マサラタウン Masara Town) is the first town in Generation I where the players start their story. Here, the players receive their starters and leave home for the first time.

Essential Places Edit

Main article: Doctor Okkido's Laboratory
Main article: Player's House
Main article: Rival Green's House

Trainer Battles Edit

See also: Masara Town/Generation I

Wild Pokémon Edit

Pokémon Obtain Game Levels Chance
Gift Pokémon
001Icon Fushigidane Dr. Okkido FR LG 5 Starter
004Icon Hitokage Dr. Okkido FR LG 5 Starter
007Icon Zenigame Dr. Okkido FR LG 5 Starter
Fishing and Surfing
072Icon Menokurage Surf FR LG 5-40 100%
129Icon Koikingu Old FR LG 5 100%
129Icon Koikingu Good FR LG 5-15 20%
116Icon Tattsu Good FR LG 5-15 20%
116Icon Tattsu Good FR LG 5-15 20%
098Icon Kurabu Good FR LG 5-15 60%
098Icon Kurabu Good FR LG 5-15 20%
116Icon Tattsu Super FR LG 15-25 40%
098Icon Kurabu Super FR LG 15-25 40%

Available Items Edit

Trainer Tips Edit

FireRed and LeafGreen Edit

Trainer Tips!
Press start to open the menu!

In the Manga Edit

In the Anime Edit

The first appearance of Masara Town was in Pokémon! I Choose You!, where Satoshi received his first Pokémon, Pikachuu. It is also the home of Satoshi, his mother, Doctor Okkido, and Shigeru.

Other Edit

Trivia Edit

Other Languages Edit

References Edit

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